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Perfect Fit

As soon as we spoke to the team from Weddings with Elizabeth Taylor we knew they would be a perfect fit for our venue and couple! Claire and Liz put everyone at ease, they took on the planning with confidence and were across every detail to ensure the couple had a truly special day which was enjoyed by all their family and friends and all the staff and suppliers too! Creating a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere which ran seamlessly as they work so well together. We joined forces and made a great team and of course look forward to working alongside them again and again! Thank you for all your hard work!

Obsessed With You

Thank You

Thank you so so so soooooooo much for creating the best day! You have been absolutely incredible and I'm obsessed with you!

Thank you so much for everything you did for us. We really wouldn't have been able to do what we did yesterday without your help. We had an absolutely amazing day. We're honestly so happy- Thank you.

A. Bird

J. Bird

"You are incredible value for money and just the most beautiful person inside and out. I would recommend you to everyone!"

Blown Away


Bride 2023

These two lovely ladies helped to make my Grandaughter's wedding day perfect. Leading up to the day there were a few hiccups, which initially caused the Bride and Groom stress. As soon as Claire became aware all was sorted. On the day both Claire and Liz were amazing and looked after everyone; especially me (83 year old Gran).

Thank you again

High Attention To Detail

We couldn't have done it with out you girls. It was great to see someone helping with such high attention to detail and energy!

J F Styling

Breath of Fresh Air

We had the privilege of collaborating with Claire and Liz during one of their client's weddings in June 2023. Claire is a breath of fresh air, combining exceptional organisation and thoroughness with a delightful, approachable, and friendly demeanour. Claire's attention to detail surpasses anything we've encountered before. She consistently kept us well-informed with all the essential wedding-related updates and remained readily available to address any questions we had. The wedding day unfolded flawlessly, thanks to Claire's meticulous coordination, and she ensured we had all the necessary information to stay on schedule. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Claire and Liz and eagerly anticipate future opportunities to work alongside them once more. Warm regards,

Joyous Occasion


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you did for Angus and Rhianna's wedding on Saturday, and of course all the days leading up to it. It was such a joyous occasion and you and your mother's support and help was fantastic.

Hi Claire, a big thank you to you and Liz for a thoroughly enjoyable day. Your dedication and composure were deeply appreciated.

Tian & John

Mother of the Groom

Alex & Team F&F

Go to People

Hardworking Professionals

Liz and Claire work together seamlessly. Their efficiency to get things done, through careful organisation and diligent attention to detail, results in tasks being completed always to a very high standard. The relationship between Liz and Claire, and the ease with which they make connections with others, creates a calm and supportive working environment. Patient, reliable and hardworking professionals; an absolute pleasure to have worked with both, Liz and Claire Taylor, for over 12 years.

For the ten years I worked alongside, Claire and Liz, they were not just my work colleagues, but they were my “go to people” for advice, dealing with emergencies, and event planning. I could always count on their ability to stay calm, handle stress and take control of any situation. Not only are Claire and Liz extremely professional and organized, but they are also easy to communicate with. Nothing will be too much trouble for them, and I know they will pull out all the stops to make sure all your needs are met at your wedding. I would recommend them to any bride out there who is looking for responsible, talented, caring, and genuine wedding planners. They will make your day very special.

Organised, Effective & Approachable

Liz and Claire are without a doubt the kindest, most hard-working and most approachable people I have ever worked with. From the 5 years I have worked with both, I felt I could go and speak to them about any work concerns and know that the problem would be effectively solved, as they would always have full control over the situation. Liz and Claire are always organised in everything that they do. Due to their caring, professional and responsible nature, I can guarantee you wouldn't be making a mistake by planning a wedding with them.

R. Manton

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